Chinese Tradetional Festival- Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival, one of China’s four traditional festivals, is a folk festival that gathers blessings, celebrations, entertainment, and food. Mainly include dragon boat racing, herbal medicine, hanging wormwood, herbal medicine water, god worshiping ancestor, dragon boat water, eating dumplings, paper dragon, paper kite, five-color silk thread, sachet, etc. custom.

Dragon boat racing is very popular in the coastal areas of southern China. After it was spread abroad, it was loved by people of all countries and formed an international competition. The custom of eating dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival has prevailed throughout China since ancient times and has become one of the most influential and widely-covered folks eating customs inChina.

The content of the customs of the Dragon Boat Festival is rich and colorful, and there are differences in the contents or details of the customs due to different regional cultures across the country. These festivals revolve around the forms of offering sacrifices to dragons, praying for blessings, and disasters, and entrust people’s wishes to welcome the blessings, ward off evil, and eliminate disasters.

Traditional festival ceremonies and related custom activities are important elements of festival elements. Through various traditional folk events during the Dragon Boat Festival, it can not only enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the masses but also well inherit and promote traditional culture.

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Happy Holiday and Enjoy it together !

Author: Mara.M