Drive your car everyday , But you dont know what is the car sensor working for you .(2)

Coolant Sensor
The coolant sensor is probably the most important sensor. Because the computer relies on its input to control other functions. For example, activating or deactivating the Early Fuel Evaporation (EFE) system, spark advance and retard, EGR flow, canister purge etc. This sensor is generally located on the head or intake manifold. Because it is such an important sensor, it can be a problem if the sensor is faulty. If the sensor is faulty, there will be some symptoms like poor fuel mileage, stalling. So the point is that you have to make sure that the coolant sensor is not defective.

Vehicle Speed Sensor

Just by hearing the name, you can pretty much assume its functionality. But we will explain it anyway. The vehicle speed sensor has the ability to determine the speed of the wheels. It is a kind of tachometer.

Throttle Position Sensor

The throttle position sensor is used with EFI (electronic fuel injection) and feedback carburetion. It notifies the computer about the rate of throttle opening. Furthermore, it tells the computer about the relative throttle position. The throttle position sensor is mainly a variable resistor. It changes resistance when the throttle opens. It is not difficult to know the symptoms of a faulty throttle position sensor. When there is a stumble during acceleration, you will know that your throttle position sensor is defective. It is the main symptom of a defective throttle position sensor. When you replace the sensor, do not misadjust it.

Camshaft Position Sensor
The control module uses the camshaft position sensor. It can indicate the position of the number one cylinder. In order to start the sequential fuel injection, the control module uses this piece of information as a reference point.

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Author: Mara.M